The Role of the Lodge Mentor

W.Bro. Umesh Parmar explains the role of the Lodge Mentor.

The role of the Lodge Mentor is a relatively new office in Masonry, established to help the newly initiated mason become familiar with the Fraternity, its customs and practices in the hope that they will remain in the Craft and make the most of our ancient and honourable Institution.

My aim is to ensure that every member of the Lodge, at whatever stage of their Masonic journey, enjoys their membership of Priory Gate Lodge, feels engaged and supported in their endeavours and gains a deeper understanding of the organisation they have joined.

A great deal of support is available to both Mentors and Brethren – if you have any Masonic questions then please direct them to me and if I don’t know the answer then I know many Brothers who will!

Mentoring In The Lodge

The work of the ‘Lodge Mentor’ is to be the new mason’s guide, leader and coach once the ceremony has finished – to explain not only the workings, traditions and organisation of our Institution, but also to lift the veil of allegory and reveal the meaning behind the symbols so that the new mason can enjoy and understand the organisation that he has joined’.

The Lodge Mentor, who can be recognised by his collar jewel of two chisels in saltire (right) coordinates mentoring activity in the Lodge, ensuring that each newly made Brother has a Mentor to whom they can turn with any questions they may have.

In many cases, the Mentor may well be the Proposer or Seconder, but if they are unable to take on this responsibility, due to a lack of time if holding an active office in the Lodge, perhaps not possessing the level of knowledge needed to answer the Brother’s questions or an inability to regularly attend Lodge meetings or Classes of Instruction due to family or work commitments, then another Mentor may be needed.

The Lodge Mentor ensures that an appropriate Mentor is identified and ‘matched’ to a Mentee, to provide the appropriate level of guidance required and set an example during the critical early stages of membership.